Best description that we have, from a good friend of ours! :D


She was cute and he was nice... like some devils in disguise.

Ale and Dan are the Transylvanian born and raised couple of photographers which caught the Romanian wedding scene by storm in the past years. First assembled in 2014 the couple started out as most couples do with love for the craft, but above all things love for each other. She brought the romance in the mix and he came with brute sincerity, the kind that turns clients to friends and friends to godfathers. Embodying the purest photographic style and embracing a love for all things natural, the couple distinguish themselves with bold spontaneous shots that catch every breath and expression of their subjects. They truly make you want them to be a part of your wedding, sort of like our little introduction or some pet you just saw at the pound. Speaking of pets, Ale and Dan are the proud parents of one Labrador name Oli and a stray cat they warmly brought into their home, named Tim.
Aaaaand in 2018 they were joined by this
hard working, 55 cm tall, photography guru - Marc. Besides the help he offers,
he also drives Ale and Dan crazy... micromanaging their entire operation! :D
Some of our favorite weddings are HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. :)